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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Weeds - mostly unwanted, but a necessity.

A friend once mentioned this " Once a weed, now a veggie that feed the whole world ".  Weeds are here for a reason, they keep growing without our care and attention. They may not fit well in a garden, but they definitely fit well within the big eco-system.

The first weed is of climbing type. 
It will climb any tree to the highest point,
 and build a dense canopy. 

WEED 1 - Climbing weed

WEED 1 - Climbing weed

WEED 1 - Climbing weed

The second weed never grow tall. 
They will not reach a foot high.  In a way, they act as ground cover, 
keeping the soil moist and healthy.

WEED 2 - common weed in a container

We don't know where the weeds come from, definitely we never specifically grow and nurture them. No matter how often we do weeding, they will surely come back.  I suppose we got to be friendly with them, and understand their purpose { Great Stems} of existence here on earth.

_____________bangchik and kakdah_____________
my little vegetable garden

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